Efficiency Redefined: Daewoo Power Products Launches Advanced Air Compressors for Varied Applications

Grand News Network | March 5, 2024

Lahore, Pakistan, 5th Mar 2024 - Latest air compressors by Daewoo Power Products with Unmatchable Quality. 

Advanced air compressor technology is now available at the Daewoo Power Products. The air compressor is used for multiple tasks including painting, filling car tyres, powering cutting tools etc. 

Are you someone who is looking for a reliable and the latest version of an air compressor? Daewoo Power Products ensures you versatile compressors for Industrial use.

What is an air compressor used for? 

Among the many uses of efficient air compressors by Daewoo Power Products, these are a few most important ones. 

  • Inflate tires of construction vehicles like loaders, forklifts etc. 
  • Apart from construction sites, these are also used in agricultural industries to power the water pumps that provide water to livestock as well as crops. 
  • Therefore, effective air compressors by Daewoo Power Products are necessary backups for emergencies. 
  • These are also used in the food industry for packing and, the automobile industry.
  • These are also used for domestic appliances at homes. For instance, pressure washing, painting, for filling car tyres and for cutting tools. 

Among the varied applications of advanced compressors cleaning, painting, airbrushing, and food processing are the main ones.

How does innovation in air compressor solutions help?  

An air compressor is a great piece of machinery for someone who uses it. Innovation in any kind of equipment enhances its overall productivity, efficacy, speed and lifetime. 

Therefore, the innovation in Air Compressor solutions enables you to perform your commercial, industrial and domestic tasks precisely. The reliability of the Daewoo air compressors is unmatchable and it also environmental impact as well as operating cost. 

What is the cost of air compressors by Daewoo Power Products? 

Daewoo power products provide the best place for power equipment that will furnish you with numerous commercial to domestic uses.   The cost of the latest version of air compressors is around PKR 42,000 to PKR50,000. 

The specifications of air compressors are as follows: 

  • HP/KW    2HP, 1.5 COP Coil
  • Flow        180L/Min
  • Speed.     2850RPM
  • Cylinder   48*1 
  • Tank size.  50 L

With 1000 RPM engine speed and a tank capacity of 100 litres, you can apply pressure accurately. Moreover, the tyres are puncture-free and made of solid rubber so you don't have to worry about them wearing off.

Furthermore, the cost of the air compressor largely depends on the specifications of the product. The price varies according to the size and quality of every air compressor. However, Daewoo Power Products in known for its affordability, durability, excellence and innovative tools. 

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