Movic Records: Persistence and Renewal in the Music Industry

Grand News Network | February 20, 2024

Monterrey, NL, Mexico, 20th Feb 2024, King NewsWire - Movic Records, based in Monterrey, stands as a solid reference in the music industry, maintaining a consistent presence for over two decades with a clear focus on artistic and musical quality. Recognized for prominent releases such as Panda, Los Claxons, and Insite, the label has established a legacy that resonates through time.

In a contemporary twist, Movic Records has expanded its catalog by providing space for new emerging talents such as Tony True, Pato Serna, and Dani Lima, each contributing their own style to the music scene. These recent releases represent not only diversification but also a potential revitalization of pop/rock in the Spanish-speaking market.

Movic Records: Persistence and Renewal in the Music Industry

Under the guidance of Kiko Lobo, Movic Records positions itself as a relevant participant in the music scene, subtly addressing the preeminence of urban music. Without dismissing the latter, the label advocates for meticulous curation and bets backed by artistic quality, highlighting the importance of musical authenticity.

The most recent releases not only denote careful execution and outstanding production but also reflect Movic Records' constant commitment to musical excellence. The question that arises is whether this label has the potential to lead a genuine transformation in the music industry. Expectations are growing, anticipating that 2024 could mark a new chapter for Movic Records and, possibly, influence the direction of Spanish music.

Movic Records: Persistence and Renewal in the Music Industry


In a musical landscape where trends can become predictable, Movic Records and other independent labels emerge as actors subtly challenging conventions, seeking to offer an authentic musical experience. We are attentive to the new proposals that Movic will launch this year, hoping not only for the continuity of its legacy but also observing the possible resonance they may have in the music industry at large.

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